learn to draw everything you can see!

★ Online school designed by professional teacher ★

Learn to draw what you see or imagine!

To draw is to sense!

A continuation of the classic drawing school with innovation!

Why pay for a lot of drawing and painting courses and other in a single package! .... when you only need to pay what you absolutely need?

Art school on demand!

Welcome to the drawing universe

The online art shool is teaching classical drawing with new ideas and actions, where everyone, regardless of age (from 9 to 100 years old) can learn to draw.

However, 3 things are required of you; exercise, exercise and exercise!

My goal, with the teaching, is that you, with few and simple means, as I call keys, can open up new stages in your drawing process. Therefore, my videos are also called for keys.

Having the video session only a key means teaching is organized for beginners.

2 keys means easier practice, 3 keys practiced, 4 keys expert knowledge.

As a professional teacher in drawing for many years, I know that you learn the best at different times of the day and some prefer to be alone in teaching situations. Therefore, I created this opportunity for drawing students who do not like big rooms with lots of people and not least you as simple as just learning best at. 3.00 at night. In short, this is education that is tailored to your needs!

You will be taught via various videos. That means you can practice at all times of the day, and can pause & play as many times as you want to suit your personal pace. In addition, you can watch videos over and over so you do not forget how to do it. Additionally, there is attached task sheet, which can also be downloaded.

What do you learn?

You learn to draw everything you can see! (see examples of my student's ability here)

One of the best drawing teachers?: There is no doubt that there are unbelievably many talented artists / artists who offer teaching in precisely drawing / painting and so on. But it is far from being a skilled artist to actually communicate complex theories and, moreover, had a didactic and pedagogical approach across ages. I can offer both "packages", I have won international awards for my art, an educated teacher specializing in visual arts. Have taught adults and adolescents for many years in drawing so I know what I am talking about.

What does it cost?

The school is divided into what I call keys, that is, they open up new insights and knowledge in just the area you need to see or you can follow the teaching step by step ... the teaching is both for the brand new beginner and the professional character who need extra knowledge!

Each key costs

8 Dollars for one month at a time and can consist of up to 10 videos!

You can watch the videos as much and many times as you like! ★

How do I do it?

1. You will find the key you think is interesting or you would like to be taught

2. You click the mouse on the image, at the key

3. You will now be taken to a link (Vimeo) where you will find the corresponding videos of the key

4. After viewing the video, tap next video and a payment info will appear

5. Once you've paid, all the videos in the paid key are ready to be seen as many times as you like within a month's time.

★ Do not you want to pay for next month? .. Then tap the box; unsubscribe in vimeo window ★

Keep in mind that besides the keys there may also be tasks / drawing exercises that match the chosen key you can download for free


Ole Mejlvang Hedeager

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This course is for everyone, beginners and professionals. The course will provide You the basic understanding of how to draw basic hair to create beutiful hairstyles.

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