Ole Hedeager

I am 51 years old and live in the lovely village Klovborg in Denmark, which is close to the Jutland ridge near the Kings Jelling, where the kings of the Vikings ruled over most of Europe and England for centuries. Many have probably not discovered this little gem where I live, but the place deserves much more attention.

I am educated primary school teacher with, among other things, line subjects in visual arts and have a past as an advertising designer/desktop

and decorator.

I won my first draw competition already as a 13 year old and sold my first drawings in the same year.

I work p.t. as a teacher of visual arts and design and also teach privately in drawing for beginners and advanced. I also make youtube videos by the name; Draw with Ole and teach as a online instructor on Skillshare

I have drawn and painted, all my life and the study of lines, shapes and colors, has become an obsession for me, which manifests itself in a need to express myself.

I consider myself most of all as a craftsman seeking the stage over the actual craft, that can be realized in what is called art. I am constantly in search of the perfect, so perfect that it has the imperfect stroke and lightness.

In my drip-paintings, I try to give a masculine insight into physicality. These contain moods and emotions and a personal insight into being a human





Exhibitions, Awards, Art Fairs and ect

2020 - Exhibition in;Galleri X

2020 - Exhibition in; Galleri puls Art;

2020 - Exhibition in; Galleri Beck

2020 - Exhibition in; Galleri Art Expo

2019; Exhibited Galerie Provence


2020 ArtFair/ Kunstmesse FÆNGSLET HORSENS

7.-8. marts 

2019  Exhibited Place "Huset"; Husets Galleri (Aalborg)

2019; Exhibited; Galerie Provence - kunstmesse North 2019

2019 Appointed; the winner painting and nomination for Artist of the Year

Tørring-Uldum Kunstforening, Censored exhibition, 2 works went through the censorship

2019 Exhibited in Galleri TorupKunst 

2018 Exhibited in Bavnehøj Nr. Snede


2018 Censored exhibition; Tørring-Uldum Kunstforening,

(3 out of 5 works went through the censorship).


2018 Participant in Danish television DR1; Denmark's best portrait painter


2017 Exhibited in Galleri 39


2017 Exhibited  in the company Graintec Vejle


2017 Exhibited i møbelgården klovborg


2016 Successfully completed

Art & Ideas: Teaching with Themes by The Museum of Modern Art New York on Coursera.


2016 Censored exhibition; Tørring-Uldum Kunstforening,

(2 out of 5 works went through the censorship).


2016 Exhibited in censored exhibition kolding storcenter...Artist of the Year


2016 Art Fair DOMUS Vejle Denmark 


2016;  2. place winner in Pastel of Europa get dusty winter competion, with the painting; Theodor


2015 Exhibited Galleri 14 


2015; 2 paintings elected by the sencored exbition; Uldum Tørring


2015; 1.Place. Pastel guild of Europa- The mask of Time. Interpretation competition


2014; 3 place in Pastel guild of Europa; Get dusty competition


2014; Winner of the censored exhibition; Tørring-Uldum Kunstforening, with the work; Cat (3 out of 5 works went through the censorship). The artist of the year!


2013; My painting, "Kitte-Cat", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the July 2013 BoldBrush Painting competition


2013; My painting; Blue Blues; Honourable mention in; Pastel Guild of Europa


2013; I won the month's challenge at


2012; The Pastel Guild of Europa;  Finalist


2011;  1st place Pastel guild of Europe; Get Dusty


2011;  2 place Pastel guild of Europe; Get Dusty