It is not possible to get the money back when buying a work of art.
It is also not possible to exchange the work for another by canceling the purchase of the artwork.
All digital rights belong to the artist. The works of art may not be used in any way, for digital speech or physical products without the consent of the artist
When selling abroad, expenses and possibly tax to customs are the responsibility of the buyer
Should the work of art be damaged during transport, it is the buyer himself who is responsible for repairing this


Here you have the opportunity to buy Small original handmade drip paintings, made by

Ole Hedeager.

The paintings are made in exactly the same way as the ones that are sold in the galleries. These small paintings, are made on quality canvas, with the artist's signature and title written on the back of the work!

The small Drip-painting`s makes it possible to ship to almost any country in the world :)
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me